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CVG Staffing Solutions is more than just a staffing company. We understand and share in the experience of finding employees that are The Right Fit and will bring the same dedication, knowledge and drive we have for ourselves to you.

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We Understand What It’s Like

I understand resource loading pain points, countless hours of resume reviewing, recruiting, interviewing potential employees that share the same passion and purpose and align with the overall corporate goals. Employees that all share in the same sense of urgency, follow up, follow through, the drive to keep the best interest of our clients needs, Employees that want to be the bridge between candidate and client and enjoy with a sense of accomplishment of offering employment solutions that contribute to individual life’s, families, communities.

We are more than a staffing company, we also share in the same experience of finding employees that are THE RIGHT FIT.

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A Transparent and Effective Process

CVG Staffing Solutions prides itself on providing a hands on and transparent process to each and every client we work with. One complaint we often hear from clients who have worked with other staffing agencies is the lack of transparency and inefficiency of their hiring processes.

To prevent this we give you access to a client portal where you can always login and track the hiring process. You are able to review resumes, candidate information and much more. No need to email us every day to see if we’re making progress (although we don’t mind if you do), just check the portal the review new candidates.

Our state of the art technology and close working relationships with our clients provides a perfect balance between automation and human interaction.

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